5 Frequently Asked Gardening Questions Every Beginner Gardener Should Know!

Gardens are the best places to unwind after a long day at work. Everyone feels connected to nature while strolling past beautiful plants and lovely flowers. Seeing fresh organic vegetables from your own farm, being served on the dining table can bring a smile to any health-conscious person’s face. Gardening once practiced becomes a way of life.

However, as with life, gardening also involves lots of learning and hard work. Gardeners are normally very anxious people, always on the lookout for fresh tips and tricks to make their efforts more productive.

Following are some useful questions and answers that will come handy if gardening is your favorite hobby:

FAQ 1What’s the normal life span of the vegetable seeds?

You can make your vegetable seeds last up to even five years if you put them in a dry, airtight container having a silica gel packet to prevent any moisture. This container should then be stored in a refrigerator.

With the help of this method you can store tomato, sunflower, broccoli, radish and cabbage seeds for almost five years and the pumpkin, carrots and peas seeds for up to almost three years. It is advisable not to store parsnip, onion, spinach and the corn seeds for a period exceeding one year.

FAQ 2: What’s the ideal time of year to plant the bulbs?

This actually depends on the climate zone in which cultivation is being undertaken. The bulbs that normally flower in the spring season should be planted in the fall or late summer. In the same manner, the bulbs that flower in fall or summertime should be planted during the springtime.

FAQ 3: What should I be adding to the soil so as to optimize the rose’s performance?

You can use potassium-rich banana peels to help your roses bloom with flying colors. You must place these peels around the base of your rose plant, right under the soil. These peels will break down with time and mix into the soil to provide roses with good potassium feed.

FAQ 4: Can I remove the foliage of the unattractive plants in my garden? These plants have spring or fall bulbs that have ceased to bloom.

No, you should wait until the time the foliage turns yellow since this is the only medium of feeding the bulbs. It may normally take several weeks for the color transition to happen. Therefore, you can make use of annuls or the ornamental grass to cover them up.

FAQ 5: I don’t like wearing gardening gloves and also hate the idea of struggling for hours to remove soil from the hands. What’s the way out?

You can make use of a thin sock, nylon stockings or an old sock to come to your rescue. Put a soap bar inside whatever you may choose from the above and keep this set besides your waterspout or the tap for quick access. While the soap forms the lather and cleans up, the socks or stockings do the job of the scrubber to get rid of the stubborn dirt.

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